Alberto has been a proud endorser of Yamaha drums, Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, and Evans drum heads.
Alberto’s studio set up: Yamaha PHX-Phoenix Turquoise Fade, 11-ply hybrid shells kit made of 4 types of wood. The center ply providing the fundamental tone is Brazilian Jatoba, sandwiched on either side of this by Maple, Kapur and Ash for the outer ply finishing. The studio also has two other Yamaha kits, a Recording Custom and a Maple Custom.
Phoenix: 20BD, 10TT, 12TT, 14FT, 16FT, 18BD. Recording Custom: 22BD, 10TT, 12TT, 14FT.  Maple Custom: 20BD, 8TT-10TT-12TT-14FT. Maple Custom Absolute (Berklee’s office kit): 20BD, 10TT, 12TT, 14FT Snare drums: ASD-0105 maple custom absolute 14×5.5, SD-496 brass snare drum 14×6.5, AMS1460 Absolute Hybrid 14×6. 
Zildjian Logo             
Alberto’s studio set up is a combination of K’s, A’s and Kerope Zildjian cymbals. Zildjian has a legacy of sound quality and remain the cymbal of choice for many professional drummers. Every cymbal, same model and size, has its unique sound you’re not going to find two of them that are the same. 
14″ K Hi Hats/K Constantinople Hi Hats
22″ K Constantinople Renaissance/K Constantinople Medium Thin High
16″ k Custom Dark Crash
16″ A Custom Fast Crash
18″ K Custom Special Dry Crash
20″ K Light Flat Ride
8″ ZXT Trashformer Splash
19″ Kerope
Extras: 22″ Kerope, 20″ K Custom Dry Ride22″ A Custom Medium Ride,14″ K Constantinople Hi Hats, 13″ K/Z Hi Hats, 13″ Custom Hybrid Hi Hats, 14″ A Custom Mastersound Hi Hats, 15″ Oriental China, 17″ K Hybrid China, 16″ K Custom Fast Crash, 16″ A Custom Crash, 16″ K Custom Hybrid Crash, 17″ A Custom Projection Crash, 18″ K Custom Crash Ride, 10″ A Custom EFX, 8″ Oriental Splash, 10″ ZXT Trashformer Splash, 14″ A Custom EFX.
Alberto’s stick models: American Classic (5A, 5AS, 5B), Modern Jazz MJC4, Heritage brush, T2, dreadlocks, Rute, Rute 202, Rute 505, Rute 606. Artists across the globe know and respect Vic Firth Company as the leading drumstick manufacturer in the world, and they don’t let anything come between their hands and their instruments except Vic Sticks.
Alberto’s drum set heads: Toms batter G1 coated or UV1; Tom reso: Genera Resonant or Resonant Black; Snare batter G1 coated or HD dry; Snare reso: Haze 300; Bass drum: EQ3 or G1 coated Bass drum reso: EMAD reso.