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Berklee Press 2003

Spice up your percussion rhythms and grooves! Learn to play the most popular and influential Brazilian rhythms on both traditional percussion instruments and the drum set. As Brazilian music has spread in popularity, drummers around the world and in many musical genres are incorporating these addictive rhythms into their music. Learn how percussion rhythms evolved and developed into the distinctive Brazilian sound—and how to transfer them to the drum set!

The included CD helps both the novice and experienced percussionist perfect the unmistakable rhythmic language of Brazilian music. Learning these basic grooves is an essential step toward capturing that distinctive Brazilian feel in your music, and are easily transferable to use with the standard drum set.

Learn all the techniques and styles vital to Brazilian percussion including:

- Hand percussion
- Samba, the most important root rhythm in all of Brazilian music
- Forró, the popular music of the northeast region of Brazil
- Carnaval rhythms, rhythms used for parades, in clubs, and for street dancing
- Afro-Brazilian rhythms, rhythms related directly to Afro-Brazilian culture
- Sacred music, music based on religious ceremonies and tradition

: : David Licht, Modern Drummer magazine critic
"Alberto Netto has created a wonderful sourcebook for understanding the history of Brazilian drumming. Each rhythm is explained in detail as it relates to a specific dance and/or religious celebration. Percussion instruments are introduced one by one and built into amazing ensembles. The drumset is also incorporated as it combines many sounds all at once. More than three hundred years of African slavery in Brazil (with origins including Sudan, Angola, Congo, and Mozambique) has resulted in an amazing blending of the cultures. Song form, syncopation, and the instruments themselves reflect this influence. The extensive CD tracks show how much variety exists in the world of Brazilian percussion. Netto's fluid drum set playing and clearly stated text results in a gem of a book."

: : Aaron Scott, drummer, composer, and educator
"A masterful book on Brazilian rhythms. Alberto's expertise on the subject is conveyed brilliantly. Clearly stated, concise, easily accessible. A wealth of information all will understand."

: : Cyro Baptista, percussionist, composer, and educator
"An exceptional book by an exceptional musician and educator! With his open-heart approach in this book, he reveals the foundation of Brazilian rhythms in such a way that I am sure will enlighten the readers and be a source of inspiration for all of us."

: : Luciana Souza, singer and composer
"This book is a great source of information about Brazilian rhythms. I am sure that students and musicians everywhere will find it very valuable."

: : Claudio Roditi, jazz trumpet and composer
"This book is the fruit of much hard work and research by drummer-percussionist Alberto Netto. It covers a lot of Brazilian soil that I believe can help a wide range of musicians interested in Brazilian music."

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Independent 1998

Learn Brazil's most popular basic drum set rhythms and grooves!

This independent publication contains drum set examples of the most popular Brazilian grooves. An audio CD with written examples follows the book. Examples of Samba, Baião, Xote, Maracatú, and Caboclinho, among other grooves. Through this book, students, composers, and arrangers get the feel of the most common Brazilian beat.

: : Skip Hadden, drummer, author, Berklee Professor
"This book really helped me to differentiate the Brazilian music grooves."

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